I can't work in Elementor when the Gravity Form Plugin is active

Hi there,

today I installed the Gravity Form plugin on my website. When I activate the plugin, Elementor doesn’t work anymore. When I am on a Elementor page that I want to edit, Elementor doesn’t load (see screenshot). When I deactivate the plugin, then Elementor works normally (see screenshot).

Have you an idea how to fix it?

Best regards

I cannot include the second screenshot cause I’m new, but when the Gravity Forms plugin is inactive then Elementor loads normally.

You very likely have hit your memory limit on the server. Check the error log in cPanel/Plesk etc. to confirm that you get a fatal error trying to allocate some number of bytes.

Increase the available memory for PHP – likely you will need 256MB. If you can’t do that through cPanel/Plesk, ask your host to help.

Hi Thomas,

It sounds like a Memory Limit issue. Can you go to your wp-admin page, click on Tools → Site Health → Info → WordPress Constraints and check the WP_MEMORY_LIMIT?

I think by default WordPress sets it to 32 MB. When you install enough plugins that takes it to this amount or over, things like Elementor will fail to load. Some plugins use more than others, especially if you have ones installed which add various widgets to Elementor.

Ideally the WP_MEMORY_LIMIT should be set to 256 MB or 512 MB.

If it is set below this amount, you’ll need to either speak to your hosting provider and ask them to increase it or if you have access to your server, you can increase it by editing the wp_config file and change where it says: define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘32M’); to define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘256M’);