Hide file attachments field for specific workflow step

Trying to hide a specific field on a form for specific steps in the workflow.
It is a file selection field.
On the specific steps in workflow the Display all fields except option is selected but the field still shows.

The file selection field still shows.
Is there something I’m missing?

Thanks for any help in advanced.

There are a few folks in the forum that maybe could help with Gravity Flow stuff, but being a custom code question, I would recommend you to reach Gravity Flow support directly: Support - Gravity Flow

Thanks for reply.

My bad. It’s not really Gravity Flow issue , that was mistake on my part with that code. So I’ve edited the question and removed reference to Gravity Flow.

Question still stands - Display All Fields Except option shouldn’t show the field referenced?

Hi @waddy,

If I’m understanding your edited scenario correctly, it isn’t related to custom code snippet but you are still encountering an issue with the fields being shown/hidden versus what you expect based on the step settings you have setup?

Some things to test/rule out along the troubleshooting path:

  • If you create a new simple form and one workflow step with similar fields does the same issue occur?
  • Any console errors in the browser and/or switching themes does/not affect?
  • Same occurs with only Forms and Flow plugins active?

Contacting us via support is the best way we can assist you for troubleshooting on that type of issue.

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