Show or hide DIV based on dropdown list

On a page, I want to show or hide (CSS display:none)based off either a dropdown field value or gravity flow step. I know how to get the form ID (I have it stored in a meta field for the logged on user). I cannot figure out how to get the field or set the display of the div. Actually, I don’t even have to control the DIV, I am ok with doing do_shortcode() as well.

Hi Adam,

Have you tried using jQuery? If you are unable to do that, please provide the exact URL of the webpage and specify which div you would like to show/hide. Thank you.

To get the current step for a specific entry, you would use the Gravity Flow Orchestration API:

$api = new Gravity_Flow_API( $form_id );
$step = $api->get_current_step( $entry );

For basing it on a field value in the form, probably the GFAPI::get_entry

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