Hiding fields from pdf and emailed output

I have two similar questions, and haven’t been able to find the answer amongst this grand community. I’m probably just typing the wrong words.

  1. I have a field explanation that does not need to show up on the printed (gravitypdf) pdf. Is there a way to make it hidden from the pdf, but show up for the user?
  2. Part of the form is an SS # field. I’d like this to be more secure, saved only in the database, and not show on the pdf/ output email as well. Do I have options?

Appreciate you all, I’ve learned more than I thought possible in the last year!!

Hi Jonathan. I recommend reaching out to the developers of the Gravity PDF plugin for assistance with hiding those items in the PDF.

To hide the items in the Gravity Forms email notification, and you are using the {all_fields} helper, you can use this free solution from Gravity Wiz:

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Thank you, I will look into both of those!
I was able to fix the explanation in an “out of the box” way, so one down, one to go!

Hey Jonathan,

This may be what you are looking for: https://docs.gravitypdf.com/v5/user-hide-form-fields


That may just be the exact CSS I needed, Thank you!!!

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