Hidden field not showing consistently on printed pdf

I am using a form for my business that customers fill out from the website and we print to use for instructions. They choose from a drop down menu and that is what populates the price for the hidden form. This is only showing up part of the time. 4/13/22 was the last time this was consistently working and we have been using this form for several years now. Thanks!

Hi Cody. If you are using Gravity PDF, I recommend contacting them for assistance. If you are not using Gravity PDF, what solution are you using to generate the PDF after form submission?

We are using adobe to generate the PDF. I wasn’t sure if an update in April caused the problem since before that we had no trouble.

I’m not aware of any Adobe integration for Gravity Forms.

Note that Gravity Forms doesn’t provide any built-in features for PDF, so you should have a third-party add-on for this installed in your site.

Thanks! I see we use Gravity PDF so I will contact them.