Form submission missing information

I recently created a registration form and it’s working great except that the very first item in the form (where they select which program they’re registering for from a dropdown) is absent from the form submission—dashboard, notifications, and PDFs. Another dropdown item in the form works fine.

I can’t figure out why it’s not included and it’s very frustrating because it’s a key piece of information.

I recommend opening a support ticket for this:

Pricing fields such as drop down type product fields are excluded from the field values output by default as they are included in an order summary table instead. If you want to prevent that from happening you can use the gform_display_product_summary filter in the theme functions.php file or a custom functions plugin.

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Thanks for this! So what is the code I would use to remove the display table at the bottom but have the pricing fields display as regular items? I checked out the link you sent but I’m still a little confused.

You can use example 1 or 2. If you use example 2 you’ll need to change the 10 on the return $form['id'] == 10 ? false : $display_product_summary; line to match the id of your form.

Thanks! That fixed the notification email but not the entry in the dashboard or the generated PDF. Ideas?

The PDF is not generated by Gravity Forms, so I recommend contacting the author of whichever PDF plugin you are using for advice on how to handle that. Thank you.