How to hide certain fields from being output to the {all_fields} merge tag? [RESOLVED]

I have a support form on my school district’s staff website that teachers can use to report classroom technology issues to IT support. On the form, we do include some solutions to common problems using conditionals so they can solve their problems without submitting a support ticket. If in the end they still need support, I have a Drop Down field that asks if they need to submit a support ticket. When they answer Yes, the rest of the form displays allowing them to fill out fields to supply more information.

My question: is there a way I can hide a field from displaying in the notification email when I use the {all_fields} merge tag? I would like to hide the question that asks if they are ready to submit a ticket.

I know there’s a plugin out there that shows you what the HTML looks like for the {all_fields} merge tag, but I would rather not do it that way because if I later change the form questions, then I’ll have to go and change all the different notification emails I have set up for the different IT departments that receive the emails based on the type of technology the teacher selects. Plus with as complicated as the form is with all the conditionals I have set up, the HTML view of the {all_fields} is pretty messy looking.

Any help in simplifying this is greatly appreciated.



If you’re referring to this plugin:

That’s the best way I know of to exclude one field.

Actually it was this one:

Thanks for letting me know about this other one.


Chris - this plugin was exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much for sharing.

Have a great day!


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