Gravity Forms - Roommate Code

Hello all,

I need help with a current situation. I created a form for an event that has a Roommate Code. The idea is for event registration you can share your roommate code with your friends so that the committee knows to put you in the same room. This was working fine for the last 2 years. I did a Wordpress Update foolishly without a backup. Everyone got the same code! So that’s a mess.

Everything got sorted out, the code got fixed, so it functions as it should. The current users all have the same code, my plan is go in and manually assign each person a new unique code.

However, I am trying to think of an easy solution to allow the users to re-send their new code to their friends who registered and it auto-populates for me on the backend.

My current thought is to do a whole new form with just their name, email, and enter code. Thoughts?