Gravity Forms Not Updating on Divi - Says I Need a Valid Divi API Key [RESOLVED]

In the past few days ALL of my Divi built sites are no longer updating the Gravity Forms plugin. It says Gravity Forms must see a valid Divi API key in the settings. ALL of my sites have a valid and active API key from Divi in them. Even when I remove it and re-enter it I get the same message and a refusal from Gravity Forms to run the update.

Can you share a screenshot of that message, please? Gravity Forms doesn’t have any integration with Divi, so I am not sure where that message comes from. Thank you.

That’s why I find it so strange. Everything else updates just fine, including Divi, because I do have valid API key for the theme. This is happening across multiple Divi sites I manage. Here is a screenshot:

Just an FYI, I rolled back from 4.19.4 of Divi, to the previous version 4.19.3, to see if that was the issue for some reason. Same behaviour. And, then I was able to update to the most recent version again of Divi, so my Elegant Themes (Divi) API and key are indeed correct. Why is Gravity Forms the only plugin I am seeing this on?

To troubleshoot further, I disabled all plugins, except Gravity Forms, and tried to update it again… I got a message that time that said:

“An error occurred while updating Gravity Forms: Update package not available.”

I turned plugins back on again and, once again, got the “An error occurred while updating Gravity Forms: Your Elegant Themes username or API Key is incorrect. Please update your details in the Settings > General tab. Valid credentials are required to update your theme.” message again when I tried to update Gravity Forms.

Interesting… I just went to another site and attempted to update Gravity Forms and got this error, not a Divi one! Amelia is a paid booking plugin we are running on this site and it DOES HAVE AN ACTIVE API KEY. It is fully licensed and paid for and all settings are correct! What is going on here? LOL.

Hi Nora. That is not our error message. That is coming from the Amelia plugin. You can see the string in their language file here:

#: src/Infrastructure/WP/Translations/BackendStrings.php:476
#, php-format
msgid ""
"To receive automatic updates license activation is required. Please visit %s "
"to activate Amelia."
msgstr ""

I recommend contacting them for support. Thank you.

And the one which is happening on all Divi sites?

Divi must be using a WordPress updates filter to apply that message to packages that aren’t hosted by You’ll need to contact Elegant Themes for support with this issue, they need to limit the scope to their packages.

Or, Nora, the bonehead that I am, did not bother to see if her Gravity Forms license was active and renewed! It renews automatically every year, so I never think to check it. It didn’t renew this time for some reason (and no my credit card was not out of date). :woman_shrugging:t2:

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