Issue with Divi and Gravity Forms

I’m using Divi Builder and Gravity forms together on a site with BuddyBoss as the theme. Unfortunately Divi and GF seems to be incompatible (breaks the GF form styling). I’d like to find out if anyone knows of a workaround to prevent Divi Builder’s influence on GF - perhaps a way to isolate Gravity Forms from the Divi Builder completely, but not from other plugins such as GF Styles Pro which I use.


Did you install: WP Tools Gravity Forms Divi Module

Gravity Form Divi Module premium plugin helps you render and style your gravity form?

Not sure if it will fix your issue but it sure helped me style things.

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Hi James, sorry for the late reply.

I did install WP Tools Gravity Forms Divi Module, but haven’t tried the premium version. I’m a little hesitant though, since there seems to be an issue that might prevent also the premium version from fixing this issue.

I’m a fairly seasoned GF user and have been able to resolve several issues in the past - but this one has me stumped.

I appreciate the willingness to help though.

Phil, sounds like Divi is doing some CSS targeting. If you can find their stylesheet they’re using for styling GF, you can unenqueue it which would still keep Gravity Forms and the styles pro plugin styling in place.


Hi Dere, thanks for the heads-up, can’t believe I didn’t think of that! I’ll definitely check it out. :+1:


If I remember correctly I may have had some issues with GF and Divi not playing nicely together as well. I want to say I ended up embedding the GF embed code in a code module within Divi and it worked instead of trying to embed it in a normal text module with the standard WordPress editor controls on the text box. You might try that as an option?


Hey @Bnpositive, thanks for offering your help. I have actually tried that though and unfortunately it didn’t work for me. No difference at all. I ended up displaying the form in an iframe, which is a patchy workaround at best. But I’m currently working on the issue with the Divi support staff.

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Any update on this topic? I’m having the exact same issue!

Nothing, I’m afraid. I actually don’t think it’s Divi per se, as I do use Gravity Forms in sites created with Divi Theme without any issues. I think in this case it might be the BuddyBoss Theme / Divi Builder combination that might be causing the issue for Gravity Forms.