Can't Update Gravity Forms Thru System Status [RESOLVED]

I see the notice that there’s a new version of GF, but when I go to “Update” thru System Status and click update plugins it refreshes the page and says it is up-to-date despite it requiring a new version update. I’m at a loss.

Has anyone else ever experienced this issue?

@BarkManager I have seen this happening in sites where the user had two copies of the Gravity Forms plugin installed. So I would recommend you to check your site Plugins page looking for any duplicate of the Gravity Forms plugin and delete the oldest one.

If you can’t fin any duplicate using the Plugins page, try checking your site wp-content/plugins/ folder using a FTP client.

Hi Samuel, thanks for the reply.

Unfortunately, that’s not the issue here. Client has only one plugin on this install.

However, your response leads me to believe that your token is blocking the ability to update because I am trying to update this on a staging install.

There needs to be a way for your system to recognize that it’s a staged environment.

Otherwise it makes updating sites difficult to troubleshoot before updating live.


There’s no reason from our side of things to cause the issue you’re experiencing. I would recommend you to perform a conflict test following the instructions here:

If you’re still able to replicate the issue even when all third-party plugins are disabled and using a default theme without custom functions. Please open a support ticket for further assistance, providing a temporary WP admin user and FTP details for your staging site and we will take a closer look.

How do you figure? You said it yourself a duplication could cause the issue. A staged environment is practically the same thing only it’s a different install.

Hello @BarkManager - there is no token or license-related block on updating the plugin. You can use the same license key on a staging site, live site and even localhost, all at the same time without restriction. Sam’s advice to check for a duplicate installation of the plugin applies to the same site only (in the wp-content/plugins folder.) That will create an issue with the update, but that’s not due to licensing. If that is not your issue, I recommend opening a support ticket as Sam suggested:

Thank you.

Hey Chris, I did all that and it still didn’t update. It’s fine. I’ve gone ahead and manually updated them. I appreciate the assistance.

Thank you for the update. Manual update definitely works :slight_smile:

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