System Report for V1.8.8

Hello I have inherited a WordPress website with a Gravity forms version of 1.8.8 I can’t update the plugin and It has no system status so I am unable to get technical support without it. I have installed the members plugin but the instructions do not say what I have to do next. I am completely stuck.

The problem is the plugin version of 1.8.8 and getting notifications that the plugin needs updating. I have indications that the plugin needs updating and an indication of 1 next to the Forms in the navigation.

I have manually installed the up to date plugin and I have automatically updated it. It installs a new version of gravity forms but the old version is still there. I try to activate the new plugin and get the following warning:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare gravity_form() (previously declared in /home/sites/13a/b/bdbcf3f116/public_html/wp-content/plugins/gravityforms_old/gravityforms.php:2449) in /home/sites/13a/b/bdbcf3f116/public_html/wp-content/plugins/gravityforms/gravityforms.php on line 4990

Following the manual instructions from your website I cant do the 7th step “On the Installing Plugin from uploaded file page click the Replace current with uploaded button.”

Also in the plugins within the dashboard, the gravity forms plugin does not have auto-update as an option.

Thanks in advance,

You have two copies of Gravity Forms installed, one in the “gravityforms_old” folder. That will need to be removed. Then you will be able to install a new version. However, this is a two step process, because your installed version is so old. Please use the contact form here and select “Other” from the dropdown, so that you can contact Gravity Forms and explain the situation. I can’t send you the needed download here, which is why I need you to submit the contact form: