Plugin and addon i not upddate and autoupdate not working

on a site of my client your plugin not update correctly some add on have old version and not appear update.

can you check why ?

I recommend opening a support ticket for your issue:

I can’t I don’t have account with license.
My customer have a key from the last webmaster. But not have access on gravity account.

I’m afraid a support ticket is the best way to get to the bottom of this. Everything posted here would be public, which is not a good idea for login credentials and log files.

I would try to obtain the login credentials from the client, or, you can purchase a new license in your own name in order to obtain support. We can provide support only to registered license holders. Thank you.

I’m not responsible for what the old webmaster did.
Have not sense my client not want purchese a new license they have it.

You don’t have a support public email?

their access key works correctly but does not make them download the updated plugin.

Can you check if contact you from public contact form?

Hi Edoardo. We don’t provide support via this forum, and regular support is provided only to registered Gravity Forms license holders. If you want to hire some help, please post on our job board:

Thank you.

job board !?

Hi Edoardo. If your client owns the license, I recommend obtaining the support login information from them, so you can open a support ticket. Otherwise, you could purchase a license in your own name in order to open a support ticket. As I mentioned, Gravity Forms does not provide support via these forums, and your issue is complex enough that it requires a ticket, or private communication, to obtain the details required to help troubleshoot the issue. Thank you for your understanding.