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I have a client, and we are unsure if we can implement the things the client wanted to happen in the form with some dynamic populations and/or calculations. If so, what are the add-ons we need? I can share the form description in PDF.

Is that form description private? If not, share a link here and the community can do our best to advise. :smile:

Hello David, thanks for your reply. Appreciate it!!

Please see image below:

Please note that there’s a missing field which is the ‘number of guests’. Next to that ‘Per child cost field should be a field named ‘Number of Guests’ where the user can insert a number between 12 and 100. The text line ‘Minimum of 12 maximum of 100’ should be under this field. This field should multiply the ‘Per child cost’ field and contribute to the total.

(The ‘Per child cost’ field should populate with a dollar value depending on which party package is selected, 1(=$23), 2(=$30) or 3(=$38).)

Thank you in advance!

Here is the layout:

On the surface, everything looks doable with Gravity Forms’ default conditional logic and calculations.

We have a few perks that might simplify some of the logistics (like Conditional Pricing or possibly Advanced Calculations) but I’d see how far you get with the core functionality first.

If you run into specific limitations, follow up here!


Hello David,

Thank you so much for the prompt replies. Appreciate it!

Can I, if so, how do I populate the ‘age’ (number or text field?) from the ‘Date’ field? Or if there is a better(other) way(s), sleek work around it? Or better yet, just plainly answer the age and date fields. :sweat_smile:

A Gravity Forms Elite + Wiz Perks Pro user.

P.S. Just a builder here, not a developer.

Since you’re already a Gravity Perks Pro customer, this solution will be super easy for you to implement!

What other questions do you have? :slightly_smiling_face:

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