Edit Existing Gravity and Gravity Perks Booking Payment Form using Stripe - Hire needed

My Gravity Forms guy is no longer available and I need a replacement.
I hired a Gravity Form person on Codeable 3 years ago to build a custom form for a summer camp booking page for a Preschool. Form works great. He used Gravity Forms and the following plugins.
GP Conditional Pricing by Gravity Wix Perks
GP eCommerce Fields by Gravity Wiz Perks
GP Nested Forms by Gravity Wiz Perks
Gravity Forms by Gravity Forms
Gravity Forms All Fields Template by Gravity Wiz
Gravity Forms Stripe Add-On by Gravity Forms
Gravity Horizon Booking Form (Custom by developer)
Gravity Perks by Gravity Wiz
The form contains two forms, a Parent Form and Child Form.
The form is on this page

The form options.
Camp - Two options - Junior or Senior
Attendance - Two options - Half Day or Full Day
Weeks - Six Options (Select any number of weeks or all)
5% discount off combined total when booking 2 or more siblings
5% discount off individual child total when all 6 weeks are booked for the same child
Discounts are both applied (5% + 5% = 10%) for sibling and 6 week booking
The form calculates the amount to be paid based on what the parent inputs.

Now the school wants to know if it is possible to edit the form when certain weeks are fully booked to not show those weeks available for booking,
And to be able to do this separately for either Camp - Two options - Junior or Senior.

Thank you

Hi Denis,

This looks like a suitable use case for our GP Limit Choices Perk. GP Limit Choices allows you to limit how many times a choice can be selected.

If your Gravity Perks license is still active, you can get in touch with us via our support form, so we can take a closer look at your form set up and assist you to set it up in case you face any difficulties.

I can assist you with your requirement.


Please check!

Hi Garry, was your DM from “Dere (Gravity Painter)”?

Hi Samuel, I had a look at that Perk, would it do the following?
Currently the 6 weeks you can select are the same whether you select Junior Camp or Senior Camp. The change to the form would require the 6 weeks to be separate for Junior Camp and 6 weeks separate for Senior Camp. This would be so we could apply booking limits to week numbers using the Gravity Forms Limit Choices Perk, and once the booking total number of places we enter for say Junior Camp week 3 was reached, then week 3 would not appear as an option on the form for anyone booking a child into Junior Camp. But week 3 would still appear for someone booking a child into Senior Camp. And when you say how many times a choice can be selected, I assume selected means submitted on a completed form. Thank you

Yes, selected means submitted on a completed form. Since the Junior Camp and Senior Camp weeks are separate, I’ll suggest you use two separate Checkbox fields for this. One will be set to conditionally show when Junior Camp is selected and the other will conditionally show when Senior Camp is selected. This way the spot left in one camp will be independent of the other Camp.

I was just telling you to check out

Thanks Samuel, yes my license is current, only renewed a few weeks ago, I have created a support ticket asking advice on your Support Form

Awesome, please expect a reply to the ticket from us with a solution to what you want to do.

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