Price calculator

Hi, I’m trying to make a calculator inside a gravity forms, there’s not a lot of option for such thing so I’m just left to use Pricing Fields → “Option” thingy. Anyways, it does work, but there’s certain few things I’m trying to achieve, wanted to know if this is possible within gravity forms without any heavy programming.

  1. Price depending on X/Y/Z dimensions input. If users enters let’s say that package width is 10cm - price would be 1euro, if it’s wider than 20cm, it would be 5euros. Is such conditional logic possible?

  2. I want to use repeater ( ) however, is it possible to let’s say if I check a checkbox, it would add +3euros for every repeated form. Example: I have 5 repeated forms (packages, this is a shipping calculator) If I check a checkbox outside those repeated forms, it would add +3euros for every repeated forms, adding up to 15 total.

Thank you!

Hi Rytis,

Our GP Conditional Pricing perk, would be a suitable solution for your first question in setting up conditional pricing, just as you want it.

We also have a solution, in GP Nested Forms, to create a repeater field, which has the feature to set up calculations based on the number of entries in the Nested Form, (or the number of repeated forms)

If you have any questions relating to any of our solutions, you can get in touch with us via our Presale forms

Hello Samuel,

I have a friend that owns GP COnditional Pricing perk and asked him to try it the way I want it.
Problem is, I don’t see how I can make this conditional pricing:

If user adds 3 nested forms and checks a certain checkbox - I want it to subtract 3 euros for every nested form. Meaning, it would be -9 euros. I don’t think that’s possible seeing as how there’s no option for conditional pricing with nested forms? Thanks.

Hi Rytis,

This should be possible using the Nested Forms Calculations together with a Product field of Calculations Type. Here is a video demo of a similar setup.

Also, Conditional Pricing may work but that will depend on how your form is currently set up.

If you have any questions, you can get in touch with us here, so that we can assist you further.