Calculate the price (total) of multiple slider fields where each slider has multiple product fields with conditional logic pricing alternatives based on the slider quantity

Hello forum!
I hope the title is clear as I found it quite tricky to explain in one sentence. After hours of searching through the gravity forms documentation and previous threads listed on the community, I did not seem to find a solution to my problem.

Any feedback is appreciated and if this is a limitation Gravity Forms does not support please do let me know.

A bit more context:

I’ve managed to successfully create forms which only have one slider to calculate the total price based on their quantity.

To achieve this I’ve created several product fields which perform a calculation based on the slider quantity.

  • {Slider Quantity:9}*0.04
    Conditional logic: Quantity: lessThan: 101

  • 100* 0.04+({ Slider Quantity:9}-100)*0.02667
    Conditional logic: Quantity: greaterThan: 101 & Quantity: lessThan: 251

  • 100* 0.04+150* 0.02667+({Slider Quantity:9}-250)*0.028
    Conditional logic: Quantity: greaterThan: 251 & Quantity: lessThan: 501

  • 100* 0.04+150* 0.02667+250*0.028+({Slider Quantity:9}-500)*0.03
    Conditional logic: Quantity: greaterThan: 501 & Quantity: lessThan: 1001

  • 100* 0.04+150* 0.02667+250* 0.0240+500*0.02+({ Slider Quantity:9}-1000)*0.024
    Conditional logic: Quantity: greaterThan: 1001

Video Example how this case works: Example-with-1-slider-working.mp4 - Google Drive

The issue I’m currently facing is when I try to calculate the price (total) for a form which has several sliders each of which have multiple conditions as above.

I’m calculating the total for this case by using a number fields instead of products fields and this is what the formula looks like (for the total amount):

{Slider Quantity :}*({Service 1 :}+{Service 2 :}+{Service 3 :})+{Service 4 :}

This works fine when each service has a fixed price, but is there anyway to calculate the output in case each of the services have a variable price based on their quantity?

Let me know if you need any additional information.

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