Pricing Calculation Help

Im not sure what would best the best way to achieve a pricing calculation. So any help would be appreciated.

product A = $50 if the quantity is 1
product A = $25 for any quantity greater than 1

I can achieve this through conditional pricing i understand that. But the hurdle im having is
when quantity is greater than 2 the total price becomes $50 which is not what i want. 2 quantity should be a total price $75 and if a 3rd quantity is added it would be $100 and so forth.

What if you separate these into two product fields: one for quatity of 1, and the other for quantity of 2+?

You could do this with two product fields and a number field for the quantity.

For the first product field, you’d disable quantity and use conditional logic to show it if the number field is not empty.

For the second product field, you would set it to calculation and calculate you price like this: ( {Number:1} - 1 ) * 25

If you wanted, you could hide both product fields so the user only sees the number field and your total.

Here’s a sample form with this setup.

Thank you! That works perfect! Is it possible to style the counter button ?

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