Product field Quantity Calculation [RESOLVED]

Product field Quantity Calculation

Hi Gravity Community,

We sell Digitally Printed Books. I want to use a Gravity form with a product (the book) which has a price for the cover & Binding, and with a field where the customer enters the Number of B&W, and Colour Pages.

The book cover & binding has a set price, the B&W pages and the Colour pages have a price per page.

I want to calculate a total based on (Quantity books * Cover price) + (Quantity books * Quantity B&W pages * B&W page Price) + (Quantity books * Quantity Colour pages * Colour page price).

Is there a Plugin I can buy that would do this, I have tried Gravity Perks and used their conditional pricing perk, to change the price of the B&W pages based on Quantity of Books (IE 1 book 10c a page 2 books 20c a page) But I can’t build a list of conditions to I high number of Quantity of Books.

Is there another way to do this?

Thanks in advance for you help.


Hi @user5c116faf0afc93.1

Unless I am misunderstanding, I believe you are describing this Feature Request:

I have found a way to do this with a different Gravity Perk. GP Copy Cat.
By following this How-To: