Calculate Product Quantities

I would appreciate a way to calculate a product quality.

Currently one can use number fields for any kind of calculations and then use a product with calculation type selected to multiply the product price by the quantity. This is a useful work-around, but unfortunately this will still show as a single product in products summary and that is causing confusion for my customers.

Can you share an example of your form so we can see what challenges you are facing? Thank you.

Sure. My main form that would benefit from being able to calculate quantities would be:

I went to view the form but I cannot see a form at your link. Can you make the form/page live?

Thank you for bringing this to my attention @chrishajer. There appears to be a JavaScript error that is preventing the page from loading. Deactivating the GP Date Time Calculator add-on by GravityWiz allows the page to load…Unfortunately the form wont work properly without that very useful add-on.

I don’t know what happened - I received an entry as recently as yesterday (Nov. 29). The only change of significance I see in my server audit records is that I upgraded to Gravity Forms 2.4 shortly after the last successful form submission (I am now running 2.4.1). Is there a way to downgrade?

I have contacted GravityWiz support - I’m hoping they have a newer version of the GP Date Time Calculator add-on (I am currently running 1.0-beta-2.4).

@chrishajer GravityWiz sent me GP Date Time Calculator 1.0-beta-2.6 which fixes the compatibility issue with Gravity Forms 2.4. My form is once again live for you to see why calculating product quantities would be very helpful in my application:

@chrishajer Any progress on allowing calculated product quantities?

There has been no movement yet, but I will add a vote to your open request.