Product Calculation field not working [RESOLVED]

Hi Experts,

I create a donation form on my events site that calculates the transaction fees perfectly. Now I exported that same form to use on my main site for donations and the product field for the transaction fee will not work. Here is what I have in the formula field: {subtotal} * 0.022 + .30. I validated and it says appears to be correct.

Form can be seen here I do not have Stripe set up on this form yet.

The events site that it works on is LIVE with Stripe, but you can see that it does work here:

The main site does have WP Rocket but I add the url to the global to not cache that page incase that was the issue but it still won’t work.

Any help or ideas for me on how to fix this?
Thank you,

Hi Diana. Be sure you have the Gravity Wiz (or someone else’s?) code required for the {subtotal] field to work.

Dang…I totally forgot that part. Yes, I do have Gravity Wiz and just installed the WP ecommerce fields plugin.

Thank you again Chris for always helping me out!

Awesome. Thanks for the update.