Dynamic tax calculation with Stripe API

Is there a no-code or low-code solution with Gravity Forms to dynamically calculate tax through the Stripe API and add it to the payment total?

Reading the Gravity Forms Stripe Addon documentation it doesn’t seem it has tax calculation implemented in it.

Hi Epo,

Our Stripe add-on doesn’t support Stripe taxes. But you can implement a tax field in the form using a Product Field configured as a Calculation field type. Then configure the formula for the calculation to calculate the appropriate tax.

You would do this by adding up the merge tags of all of the Pricing Fields that exist on your form and then multiply them by the appropriate tax rate. For example:

{Product 1 (Price):1.2} * {Product 1 (Quantity):1.3} + {Product 2 (Price):2.2} * {Product 2 (Quantity):2.3} *  0.1

You can find more details about calculations here: Using Calculations - Gravity Forms Documentation

Another approach could be using the following add-on created by one of our certified developers which adds new field types useful for e-commerce, including a Tax field type: Gravity Forms eCommerce Fields - Gravity Wiz


Thank you but, unfortunately, here the problem is having a way of implementing automated tax calculations. At the moment it doesn’t seem to be a solution to this problem.

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