Dynamic Sales Tax Calculation addon?

Hi all! I’m wondering if anyone has seen an addon that will dynamically calculate sales tax (via TaxJar or similar service API) in a GF payment form based on user address? I have investigated many but they all support only a flat-percentage. Thanks!
-Adam B.

Hi Adam, did you ever find a solution for this?

If the TaxJar API has a clear endpoint that can calculate tax based on address, an implementation using Gravity Flow should be very close to no-code solution.

  • Have the form entry submitted without the payment field(s)
  • Use the Gravity Flow Outgoing webhook step to make an API call. The response mapping feature would let you store the tax amount into an administrative field on the entry.
  • Create a separate payment form and use the Form Connector extension with it’s form submission step type. The {workflow_form_submission_url} merge tag in the notification will bring the user to the payment form with your fields mapped. Upon completion the main entry workflow will continue.
  • There are extensions for both Stripe and Paypal that could also let those be a step directly in the main form (no need for the separate payments form).


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Thanks, Jamie! I’ve been studying up on Gravity Flow and it looks like a super-awesome product. And this looks like a great solution.


Could you please explain a bit more about these Stripe and Paypal extensions that would let thiese be a step directly in the main form?

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