Question about Taxes

Is there a way to add a tax calculation to Gravity Forms? If so, is that based on my location or the person ordering? It’s a service, not a product, so I’ve read that I don’t need to include a tax (since I pay it), but I’m curious if that feature is available.

There is no feature in Gravity Forms to add tax. You can use a calculated product field, to multiply the total of your form’s products and options by the tax percentage, to give you an amount of tax. Because that is a product field that you configured as a calculation, that tax will then be added to the total to be collected.

Whether or not to collect tax is up to you. In Illinois (where I am) services are not taxed.

Determining when to collect tax (based on jurisdiction) would be up to you as well (you could use multiple calculated ‘tax’ fields, shown or hide based on the location they submitted to you in the form.)

Awesome. I also live in Illinois, so that’s really helpful.

Is it possible to charge for tax to help with small business taxes? I am guessing no, but thought I’d check.

I don’t believe so but you should probably check with a tax advisor.

Chris’ answer is solid but if you’re looking for the easiest way to add taxes to your Gravity Forms fields, check out Gravity Forms eCommerce Fields.

We have a full walkthrough on taxes with Gravity Forms and our plugin here:

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