Can Gravity Calculate Values

Does anyone know if Gravity can calculate values based on a perecentage. So if I have a price based on a percentage of a value can I come up with a total. For example if my rate is 2% of a value and the customer enters a value of £1,000 will the value returned of £20 be able to be calculated and put in the total?

Yes, you can do that in Gravity Forms. You can use a number field to accept the user’s value, and then add a Product, configured as a Calculation (from the product type drop down on that field.) In the formula, you will enter the calculation of the merge tag for the user’s input field, and then * 0.02, which will yield a field equal to 2% of what the user entered when they submitted the form.

For example, if the field in the form was {Your Value:17}, this is your calculation:

{Your Value:17} * 0.02

Thanks for this. So if I want to add VAT to a calculated price can you tell me what the calculation would be? As in {Your Value:17} * 0.02 ??? I need to get the final amount into the TOTAL for payment purposes.

Do you have a link the form page on your site where we can see the form?

Also, this tutorial covers it as well: Gravity Forms Pricing: Adding Tax - Gravity Forms Documentation