Gravity Products total discount %

Hey guys,

I currently have a form with various product fields, lets say the highest is £100 and the lowest £50.

I need it so that if a user selects a £100 product, a £60 product and a £50 product, the total will take a 10% discount from the 2 lower priced products.

So £100 product is charged at 100%
£60 is charged at 90%
£50 is charged at 90%

The total would then be £199 instead of £210

To confirm, the highest priced product will always be charged at 100%, anything lower will be charged at 90% each.

Is this possible?
Thank you

To achieve your goal, you may try the Conditional Login plugin. You will find the details and guidelines here:

I have emailed their support as well, I couldn’t see any information on how I need the calculation to work, but fingers crossed they can help me!

thank you

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