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Hi, I’m looking for a way to add a PayPal fee to the total price I don’t wone use the calculation method I have too many fields in my form, some of them are hidden, and when I do add the calculation field my total is double. Is there any way to add programmatically to the function.php formula just to add to the total (3.49% + $0.49) formula and also show to the front user how much is paypal fee, I using an extension which is adding 4% but it is not meeting the requirements of a project.

As I know it, there isn’t a great way to handle the processing fee programmatically in function.php, as the calculations all happen in the frontend.

Have you had a look at this article by Chris Eggleston on adding processing fees? I understand you don’t want to use the calculation method, but it’s likely the best approach here without having to do any custom development.

The Gravity Ranger article is the correct way to do this. @user64272a3198015122 - if you have a lot of product fields and don’t want to add all the merge tags individually, you can use this free plugin from Gravity Wiz to give yourself a {subtotal} merge tag that can be used instead of individual product fields:

Chris’s recommendation can save you some of the headache when handling the calculation. We also have a Perk called GP eCommerce Fields that will add the {subtotal} merge tag without you having to use a snippet. This adds support for using the merge tag in multiple places in the form and also adds additional functionality, like Discount fields.

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