Need Advice on Best Way to Set Up This Calculator

Need Gravity Forms advice. I’ve created a calculator that is almost working as expected except for the way the information is pulled into the notification. I’m wondering if I went about this in the best way. Can anyone offer any insights?

Here’s a short video showing what I did on the backend:

Also, is there a way to make it so that the totals update without having to click out of the quantity fields? You’ll notice that when you play with it, initially the totals don’t update until you click out of the quantity fields. I do have ajax enabled. I should also note that the quantity fields are not actually quantity fields but rather “number” fields.

Here’s a link to the live form:


Taking notes as I watch the video. First thing I noticed, in the back end, for number of cabinets. You do not need the box “enable calculation” checked for those two “number of cabinet fields”. There is no calculation being performed there. Uncheck the box on those two fields, and save the form. I am not sure if that is causing any issues, but it adds unnecessary complexity.

After watching the whole video, I see the issue in the notifications. Is it an option for you to suppress the product summary table at the end of the notification, so that your fields are all output inline, with no summary at the end?

If you want to prevent the display of that product summary table at the end of the notification, you can use this filter:

Then, take a look at the notification and see if you need to add your own type of product summary at the end, or if the inline fields will be enough.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask them here. There may be other ways to accomplish the same thing. I was hoping to offer a solution that does not require you rebuilding your form.