Registration form for baseball camps - riddle me this [RESOLVED]

I had set up a registration form here

This year, the client has three camp weeks.

The challenge is that if someone registers two or more players, they get a discount on the additional players; there is also a discount on multiple camps.

So if it costs $160 per camp, two camps are $300; if I were to register three kids, kid #1 would be $300, kids #2 and #3 would get a 20% discount automatically, so $240*2 or $480.

Does anyone have any excellent solutions on how I can configure this? I have considered using conditional logic at the front of it to have someone answer if they are registering single or multiple campers, but I am not sure if that will work.

Thank you in advance!

Hi Loren. Using a selection up front for the number of camps, and number of players would work. You would use conditional logic then to show products with different pricing.

Or, Gravity Wiz has a couple solutions which might help:


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Thank you, Chris. I will give those a shot. I appreciate the help!

I think it may make sense to have people select the number of players in the beginning, then create sections for each with different products within each section. Just trying to figure out what it would look like to create this with as simple of a user experience as possible.

Thanks so much!

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