Carpet rents form that presents different prices depending type, size, amount of carpets and frequency of change


I want to create a form for presenting prices for renting of carpets simular to what you can see here

so there are
3 different types of carpets
all have different sizes
price should be different for each size and type of carpet
also the frequency of changing the carpet affects the price
and if you rent more then 5 carpets there is a discount of 10% if you rent more hten 10 carpets you will get 15% discount.

I look forward to hear back from someone that can help.

kind regards

NOTE: When I click on the link to your site I get a message that it is blocked because it is blacklisted. I don’t know if this is your site and it’s been infected by a virus or if you are the scammer who infected the site and are trying to drive traffic to the site.

Assuming this is a real question and that you’ll be able to fix your site:

You may well not get anyone who will give you complete step-by-step directions on how to do this so here is some advice that I hope will at least point you in the right direction. First, make sure you clearly understand the logic all the way through. If necessary, write it out and make sure you know each if-then situation and what price adjustment should result.

Then you can start building your form. The key tools to use will likely be: 1) “values” for radio buttons or drop-downs, 2) conditional logic, 3) hidden fields and 4) number fields that use calculation.

Hidden number fields that use calculation can be very useful as you can use them to actually do the math to add up the results of all the choices the user has made, because calculated fields allow you to add up (or do other math on) the values of other fields.

For example, let’s say you have a drop-down where someone selects “Option A”, “Option B”, or “Option C.” If Option A should have a price of X, Option B a price of Y, and Option C a price of Z you can set X, Y, and Z to be the values for the drop-downs or radio buttons. When setting up the drop-down or radio buttons you’ll need to check the “show values” box to see and edit the values. Then you can use this field in the calculation I talked about above.

Conditional Logic will also likely be very useful. You can, say, start with a drop-down where people select the size of the carpet, and then potentially have a bunch of other choices that only show up for certain choices in that drop-down. For each field that you want to only show up in certain cases, use conditional logic to define when it should or should not appear.

Another very useful way to use conditional logic is to get around one key down-side of calculated fields. Calculated fields can use basic math but can’t use “if-then” statements. So, what I do to get around this is have a hidden numeric field that has conditional logic applied to it as well as calculation. Let’s say that if someone selects 6 from a drop down for the number of carpets. Then, we have a hidden numeric field with conditional logic that says only to “show” this field if the number of carpet is greater than 5 and less than 11 (since it’s a hidden field it won’t actually be visible to the customer but it will become available for math). In the calculation for the hidden field calculate the discount (0.1 * the previous field with the price so far). Finally, in the final calculation field include math that adds on the discount from the hidden field. If the conditional logic has said NOT to show this field then it will be treated as zero and so they will not get that discount.

One final tip: there is a drop-down to use to select the fields you want to get a value from to use in a calculation. It seems like you have to save the form, close it and re-open it before fields will show up here for you to select.

I hope that at least points you in the right direction.

Hi Bruce,

Thank you for a very detailed explaination.

Any chanse you could do this for me as an assignment?

Hi Bruce,

Can you recomend someone that could assist me in creating of this form? You or someone else…

Hi Carini. We have some resources listed here:

Our job board is an option:

And you may be able to find help in one of the Facebook groups:


If you need any other assistance, please let us know

Hi Carina,
I’d be open to assisting you with this but you will first need to deal with the apparent infection on your website.

Hi Bruce

Can you pls send me some more info about the infection on that you found so I can ask our server people to have a look at it.

Thank you!

In the meanwhile here is a details scope of the work

Scope of the Work

I’ll add carpet types and variations
Switching frequencies will change the annual price and we’re going to split those costs into months equally and charge the price monthly.
Add a discount to the total price if the quantity is bigger than certain levels.

EcoMat, SuperMat
More than 5 rugs -5%
More than 10 rugs -10%

More than 5 rugs -10%
More than 10 rugs -15%

We’re going to use Klarna or Stripe payment gateway.

User can subscribe to one product at a time. They need to re-fill the form for another carpet.
Subscription cancellation will be handled manually.

I’ll licence your Gravity form, so you don’t need to pay for this. But Klarna Gravity form plugin needs to be provided by you.

We’re going to show the price weekly and monthly.

Example Calculation: So the price will be = SEK 80 x 3 x 13 = 3120 annually and the user will pay 3120/12 = 260 per month.

Hi Carina,

When I try to get to your website on my computer I get a message that the site is blocked by my virus-scanning software (AVG) and when I scan the site using this it says the site is listed as malicious. A scan using this site says your website is blacklisted.

If you can get that figured out then I’d be happy to talk with you about the form you need, but we should probably take the conversation off of this board.

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