Student Registration Form - Track two different totals or subtotals (classes and reg fee)

I am creating a student registration for a group of schools. I have two questions. Gravity forms and eCommerce fields.

Several classes to choose from each with different prices and options. Some have an annual registration fee.

Question: Can I track the total cost of classes selected separately from any registration fees? At the end of the registration process, I want to display two subtotals, one for classes and one for registration fees since they can pay them separately.

Question 2. Can I apply a coupon (one of several stored with different discounts) at the end of the registration that would deduct from the total (or subtotal) of the classes, but not from the registration fee?

Yes, you can. You would want to use product fields for your classes and registration fees. Then use number fields for subtotals. (See screenshot for instructions).

For that kind of pricing customization, you might want to look into Gravity Wiz conditional pricing add-on.

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