How can I apply coupons to only certain products

On my student registration form, I display two subtotals, one for the total cost of classes selected, and one for the total cost of the annual registration fee(s).

I want to apply discount coupons to ONLY registration fees. How can I do this?

You can check out GP eCommerce fields perk which lets you target a specific product field in your form.

Here’s the link

But I am using the Coupons addon because the client has several coupon codes. And the discounts are only for annual registration fees. I have GP eCommerce fields installed.

I may have a workaround but hope there is a better way.

I can hide the coupon field unless there is a registration fee. Some classes require an annual fee and some don’t. It won’t show up unless there is a class with a reg fee, and then would be applied to the total amount…

But I would like to show that the coupon specifically reduced the Reg Fee subtotal.

The ability to apply coupons to specific products is on the feature request list for consideration by the product management team when planning future releases. You can vote for it at Gravity Forms Roadmap - Gravity Forms

It sounds like the registration fee coupon discount isn’t displaying in real time in the number field.

You can try enabling Ajax for your form to see if perhaps you can get some real time updates to the number field.

That’s just a guess and it’s untested.

If not you may need to up vote this via the roadmap and wait for GF to create this functionality as @richardw8k mentioned.

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Thanks, I did vote. In the meantime, I used a workaround to hide the coupon field unless there was a registration fee. Thanks for the help!

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