Exclude product/shipping/$$ field from coupon

It would be nice to be able to have the option on any field that represents a price or charge of some kind to exclude it from being included in a coupon calculation.

For example:

  • exclude shipping from being discounted
  • exclude a donation from being discounted
  • exclude a set-up fee from being discounted

I know GravityWiz has a plugin for shipping, but it only applies to a shipping field. https://gravitywiz.com/new-plugin-gravity-forms-coupons-exclude-shipping/

Anyone else think this would be helpful?

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I’ll add it to our list of requested features. Thanks for the suggestion.


Is this something of high priority?
When it will be implemented approximately?

It is not a high priority right now, and there is no timeline for implementation. I’ll add your comments to the open request though. Thank you

Thanks Chris.

Does this feature include Option pricing field as well?

I can make sure it’s there, if it is not already.

I’m not sure if this plugin already has the features you are looking for or not, but it might be worth a look:

For the purpose of illustrating that there is a need for this, we would also like to see this functionality in the future.

Is there currently any work around for this?