Coupon code for only a single selection in product radio button group?

Hi there,

I have a product field (type: radio buttons) and I want to be able to accept a coupon code only for one of the selections of that product field. Not all of them.

I had a look at gform_coupons_can_apply_coupon but it looks like I can’t get the form field values there to check if the selected product is the one I want to allow the coupon for? Is there a way around it?

thanks :slight_smile:

Can’t you conditionally show a new field below the product field based on the radio button selection?

I want to be able to use coupon codes for all products as well though. I have currently used the GravityWiz discount field that I conditionally show/hide. I have a hidden field that I dynamically populate with ?offer=CODE
And I conditionally hide the coupon field and show the discount field if that query var is set.

works but it seems far too complicated for what I’m trying to do?

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