Sell One time use Coupon Codes with GravityForms

I am looking for a plugin or any ready solution that can do this without custom development. If there is not a solution available I would need to go into developer mode with you.
I would like to sell coupon codes. The coupon can only be used one time and the coupons needs to have previously saved in our website, they are sort of license codes.

After successful payment the user should be redirected to
xxxx = the coupon that released from our previously saved coupons.
-the coupon sold one time for one user only(like a license)
-the coupon field should be hidden

What plugin or Who can do this with a price quote please?

Hello @hemasherbeny ,

I would like to assist you.

please reach me at email or Skype.

Email -

Skype - cis.seth


hello @hemasherbeny

I have sent you an personal message please check



I would be glad to assist you with your requirement.


Greetings, @hemasherbeny!

We have a near-perfect solution for you here:

The only thing it doesn’t do is pull from an existing list of coupons but with Populate Anything, that’d be a breeze.

Let me know if you have any questions. :slightly_smiling_face:

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