Gravity Forms Product Fields [RESOLVED]

Is there an “easy” way to hide certain product options (radio or checkbox) within a product when that option is no longer available? Right now I find the field name of the option (viewing the source of the page) and then use css to not display it. I don’t want to delete the option as I want to keep the history. Is there something I can do in the form to have it not be displayed? It looks like conditional logic can not be used to do this. Thanks for any help.

Hi Debra. There is no easy way in Gravity Forms. I’ve done what you are doing, inspecting and manually adding CSS rules to hide the options.

Depending on your use case, maybe the GP Limit Choices perk from Gravity Wiz can help?

Thank you, I checked it out and I think that might work, esp if I can change the limit later after being set. Looks like it’s worth a try!

Because that is a paid plugin, it makes sense to ask them before purchase if your scenario can be handled. I use it on a site and it works well for my use case, but everyone has different requirements. I hope that it works for you. It’s definitely easier than manually updating CSS or JavaScript as items are submitted.

I may not be able to get my quantity number totally correct to hide at the right time but I (or someone else) can always hide the option by making the quantity 0 and that is working for me fine with the plugin in. Thanks again.

Good deal. Thank you for the update Debra.