Disable options by choice

Hi all.
First of all: I’m a newby! :slight_smile: be patient if this is quite stupid or evident

  1. I can’t manage this scenario:
    Under Product I have a radio of 4 choices. I need to enable just some option for each choice.

Choice1 : option1 , option2, option3 , option4
Choice2: option2, option3, option4 (hide/disable option1)

  1. In addition each choice+option has a different price.
    Is it possible? How can I do it?

thanks a lot

Hi Myriam. I don’t think you are overlooking anything. There is no built in capability to do that in Gravity Forms. It’s possible that Gravity Wiz Populate Anything could do that:

I will contact them and see if they can add any information to your topic here. Thank you for the question.

H Myriam,

As Chris mentioned, this should be possible with GP Populate Anything. With GP Populate Anything, you’ll create a helper form, with entries that will be the possible combinations of product choices and options and those entries will be used to populate the Product and Options fields on the main form.

Also, you can use GP Conditional Pricing to setup different price for each Choice + Option combination. Please get in touch with us, so we can assist you further and closely to get started with this solution.

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Thank you very much Chris and Samuel !
Get in touch soon!