Making Choices from a List

Hey everyone, with the list feature, I want someone on a form to be able to list their kids, their age, and their gender and then be able to make a radio selection below of the kid they are here for. Example:

Name | Age | Gender
Nick | 6 | Male
Tiffany | 11 | Female
Brian | 14 | Male

Then an option below to show up:
Which child are you here to drop off?
• Nick, 6
• Tiffany, 11
• Brian, 14

Being able to format it something like that above would be cool too ^ instead of making the choices show up as “Nick, 6, Male”

I found something on Gravity Wiz from 2014 but thats the only thing I’ve been able to find. Help?

Hi James. I think the Populate Anything Perk from Gravity Wiz can do what you are looking for:

I recommend reaching out to them with your scenario to see if it can be handled with the plugin as is, or if there is some snippet required to make this happen.

Thank you.

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