Gravity Forms Hubspot Addon not creating contacts / submitting

Hey, so we’ve been having problems getting some of our Hubspot forms to submit correctly. The error we get in the logs has to do with invalid / can’t create contact. Turned on logging so I can grab the official error when the issue happens again. When the form submits it saves the entry in Gravity Forms but never makes it over to Hubspot

This error happens every few days, at first it seemed to happen only when a contact wasn’t already in Hubspot but our recent errors has happened with the contact already in Hubspot with the same email information

If anyone has any idea of why or how I can fix this error it would be awesome!

Thank you

Edit: We are running the newest Gravity Forms plugin on the Elite plan with the Official Hubspot Addon

HubSpot have made a change to their API recently, they started validating field values. If a HubSpot field is required and the mapped form field didn’t include a value or it did but the value fails their validation (e.g. wrong type or doesn’t match an allowed value) that will result in an error from the API.

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