HubSpot receiving form submissions without required field

I have a gravity form on the Home page of to request a consultation. There is a checkbox field that I set to “Required” so the submitter acknowledges acceptance of terms and disclaimer.

If you submit a form without checking that box, Gravity forms puts up the correct error message and no entry is recorded in the Gravity Forms database.

 *** I have read and agree to the Disclaimer, Terms of Use and Privacy Policy**
 **This field is required.** 

However, the contact information is passed to HubSpot - carrying the correct information, including the relevant one that the required field has not been checked.

This seems wrong and is inconvenient - forcing a human to do a trivial technical validation on every submission. I have turned on logging, but have no idea what to look for.

Can someone point me to a fix - if it exists, or tell me how to get it fixed?


Just to clarify - I believe the form should not be passed to HubSpot if it has failed Gravity Forms validation.

Hello. I recommend opening a support ticket for this issue:

The add-on will only process the HubSpot feed if the form passes validation and the entry has been saved.

HubSpot also includes a tracking script in the page which can capture form values without the form being submitted. The add-on does not have any control over what the HubSpot tracking script captures. The gform_hubspot_output_tracking_script filter can be used to prevent the script being included in the page.