Gravity Forms passing information to Hubspot BEFORE form submission

Good day!

I have a pretty simple gravity form at that I have connected to my Hubspot account with the Gravity Forms Hubspot Add on.

Here is the problem:

When someone starts to fill out the form and does not complete (or hit submit) the form, the information is STILL passed on to Hubspot.

My understanding is that the plug-in kind of scrapes the information as it is entered into the gravity form and passes it on to hubspot EVEN IF the form is NOT submitted.

This is causing me problems because it is initiating workflows in hubspot when they shouldn’t happen from this partial entry from the gravity form.

I do NOT want anything added to hubspot UNTIL the form has been submitted. I do not have partial entries or anything else added to this form.

Can anyone help or give some assistance on how to make this happen (or in this instance, NOT happen)? :slight_smile:



If you wanted to prevent HubSpot including the tracking script that captures values from before submission you can do that by using the following filter in the theme functions.php file or a custom functions plugin:

That sounds like the perfect fix.

I am giving it a try now!

Thanks so much for the help.

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