Some entries not listed as entries in Gravity but imported into Hubspot anyway

So I have forms automated to be added as new contacts in HubSpot when they’re filled in. Most of these are fine but three have appeared as a contact in HubSpot without being listed as entries by Gravity Forms or me being emailed by Gravity to tell me a new form has been submitted.

HubSpot lists these as definitely coming from the Gravity form, and they’re real contacts, not bots.

How is Gravity missing them? Could it be a cookies issue?

Hi James. The HubSpot Add-On outputs the HubSpot tracking script on all pages, which will send data from all forms on the site to HubSpot, with or without a Gravity Forms submission. To disable the HubSpot tracking script to determine if this is the source of your issue, you can use this filter:

Please let us know if that addresses your problem.

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