Hubspot Add-On 403 Response

We are using Gravity Forms and Hubspot Add-On, since 3/11/23, any form submission has not been able to create a contact in Hubspot. Is anyone else having this issue? In the entries Notes area, we receive this error message:

There was an error when creating the contact in HubSpot. Expected response code: 200. Returned response code: 403

We have updated the plugin/addon, as well as made sure we disconnected and reconnected to HubSpot. No other errors on the front end.

My gut reaction here given the 403 error code would be to first contact HubSpot and double-check that your site server’s IP address isn’t on one of their blocklists or something like that.

Especially so if you’re on any sort of shared webhosting plan where one bad site on the server could potentially get every other site hosted on the site blocked.

Based on the error message you provided, it seems that there is an issue with the authentication or authorization of the integration between Gravity Forms and Hubspot. The error code “403” typically indicates a “Forbidden” error, meaning that the request was understood, but the server is refusing to fulfill it.

To troubleshoot the issue, here are some steps you can take:

  1. Check your Hubspot API key and make sure it is still valid and has the necessary permissions to create contacts.
  2. Check the Gravity Forms and Hubspot Add-On settings and make sure they are configured correctly.
  3. Verify that the form fields in Gravity Forms are mapped correctly to the corresponding fields in Hubspot.

If still the issue persists, please feel free to ask.


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