Gravity Form with more fields not working


I am using the Gravity forms plugin since 1 year.

The forms are working well, but recently I have created a new form with more that 750 fields in it and suddenly the form “UPDATE” button is not working. Does the forms have any limit for the fields? Please let me know this.

However, other form with less fields are still working well but this issue is only with this large / big form. So can anyone help me out to figure this issue ASAP as am struck and not able to proceed further.

Thanks in Advance

Hello Phanikumar. There is not limit on form size in Gravity Forms. You are likely running into a server limitation on the max input vars or post max size or even memory. I recommend first reaching out to your web host for assistance with the issue. If they are not able to help, I recommend either opening a support ticket, so they can review your system report, or, copying and pasting your system report here so we can take a look for obvious limitations. Thank you.

Hi Chris,

I’ve tried to change the server limitations and please check the server values attached.
But still the issue is the same.

Only one form which has more fields is not working, I tried to make a duplicate of it but it is also showing the same issue.

I am also attaching the Forms and the errors as well please look at them once.

This PHP config looks OK to me. The max_input_vars could be the issue. I recommend reaching out to your host for assistance. Let them know what you are trying to do, and see if they can help you with the PHP configuration. The limitation is not in Gravity Forms itself.

Okay thank you Chris. I will try to check them once again.

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