GF limitations? can't create more than 833 fields in form

Hi, so I created form and currently I got 833 fields inside, and I can add more of them which I done, so now I got 850, but fields between 833 and 850 not showing in preview or anywhere, my form end on field 833. When I click save form there is no any error, but when I open from second browser tab this form, there is no fields after 833. I try few times and after adding 833 this is not showing anywhere. Is there any limitation in GF? why is this happen?

Gravity Forms doesn’t have any limits on the number of fields you can add to a form. I’ve seen forms with thousands of fields.

If you are hitting a limit it could be related to your sites PHP configuration, it has a max_input_vars property which will need to exceed the maximum number of inputs your form will contain. Remember some fields have multiple inputs and there a several hidden inputs in the form footer.

The most common reason for fields not appearing when the form is displayed is that they are hidden by conditional logic. This usually impacts fields located after a Section type field; they are also hidden by the Section logic up to the next Section or Page type field. You also need to make sure you don’t have any empty sections; a Section field should always be followed by at least one field which isn’t a Section or Page type field.

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