Extended GF_Field with multiple input values?

I’m trying to create a custom field type using https://docs.gravityforms.com/including-new-field-using-add-on-framework/ as a starting point.

In my specific use case, my custom field needs to collect multiple data points. (similar to how the name field collects a first name and last name).

Can i just override the get_field_input() function to render all of the inputs, and will GF capture them all?

In looking into the class-gf-field-name.php it looks like they just override the input ID to append a .2, .3, .4 etc. I’m missing something here, just cant sort out exactly what:

    $input = "<input name='input_{$id}' id='{$field_id}' type='hidden' value='{$value}' class='gf_apt_slot {$class}' {$tabindex} {$logic_event} {$placeholder_attribute} {$required_attribute} {$invalid_attribute} {$disabled_text}/>";
$input .= "<input name='input_{$id}.2' id='{$field_id}_2' type='hidden' value='{$value}' class='gf_apt_slot {$class}' {$tabindex} {$logic_event} {$placeholder_attribute} {$required_attribute} {$invalid_attribute} {$disabled_text}/>";