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Hi Team,
Using the documentation as per this link,

I have added a repeater to the form and adjusted Example #1, and changed the field “Name” from type “text” to “name”, to use the formatting and filed group of first and last name. See below

$fullname = GF_Fields::create(array(
        'type'   => 'name',
        'id'     => 102, // The Field ID must be unique on the form
        'formId' => $form['id'],
        'label'  => 'Full Name',
        'pageNumber'  => 1, // Ensure this is correct

The issue I have, is that it isn’t saving the details to the back end as expected. The documentation doesn’t state a limitation of this field.

I think it might have to do with the field ID using a decimal place, as when manually adding each as standard text fields, using the field ID format for the field group, it isn’t saved.

Looking to setup without having to create each field, assistance please?

I recommend opening a support ticket for this, and including all the code you are using, please a form export:

You can open the support ticket here:

Thank you.

No drama, I didn’t want to trouble the support team just in case I stuffed something up.

Name fields should have an inputs property, an array containing the properties of each input, without it their values can’t be validated or saved. See the following page of the documentation for the fields supported properties:

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