New fields won't show up, is there any limit of fields on gravity?

i have a big formular, about ca 80 fields (PRICING FIELD > Option) with logic, and need more about 110 fields at all, but when i want to add ny fields they won’t show up it the formular, i was checking everithing and i can not finde a fejl why they are not showing :slight_smile: is there any limint og fileds on gravity? don’t think soo, soo what can be problem?

Regards Daniel :slight_smile:

There are no such limits in Gravity Forms. It is probably an issue with PHP resources on the server. Common resource restrictions are the memory limit, post max size and max vars.

If you submit a support ticket here we can take a look at your system report and see if anything stands out.

Hi Chris,
i allready did, memory is fine, I have 1024 MB BUT I CAN SE THAT I HAVE THIS WordPress Memory Limit 40M MAYBE THIS IS A PROBLEM? :slight_smile:

And now, i have increase WP memory limit to 256M but fields still won’t show up :frowning:

I recommend opening a support ticket so we can dig into it.

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