Has anyone ever need MAX field length on a LIST FIELD?

I found a plugin developed 6 years ago - has a display bug in it.
Asked support and @sacom replied that I should pay someone to fix this.

I mean, come on.
This deficiency has been in the product for 6 years - and you guys had code examples to fix it (via github on that plugin) and integrate it into code, and yet you want to point me to a 3rd party. Thats just lame if you ask me.

Does anyone have any code to fix this?
Here’s the plugin: list-field-character-limit-for-gravity-forms/list-field-character-limit-for-gravity-forms-plugin.php at master · WPPlugins/list-field-character-limit-for-gravity-forms · GitHub

And the display issue I’m getting. Instead of 1 “limit” line, its display too many “limit” lines. It increases each time you add another Line via the “+”

Its ironic - List Fields was the main reason I chose gravity forms when I compared it to another tool for our non-profit website to register for a once-a-year event. So I already paid $250+ for GF. And now I have users entering way to much data in List fields that I have to manually edit to trim down to size. 500+ more Entries to go still :frowning:

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