List field, make one column minimum characters

Good afternoon, we want to ensure that customers give an adequate description in one of the columns in list field, so wish to set it with a minimum number of characters. Being in insurance we need a fuller description of valuables to be insured, for example we would like gold and diamond ring, rather than just ring. The latter often happens, despite putting help guidance in red in the description box.

Any solution would be gratefully appreciated.


Requiring a minimum number of characters for List field inputs is not a built-in feature, but you can create your own custom validation routing using the following filter and your own code: gform_field_validation - Gravity Forms Documentation

Thanks Samuel, please could you let me know how I can allocate the code below to a form, list field and a specific column in that field?

// Add Gravity Forms Min and Max Character Length

add_filter("gform_field_validation_1_128", "validate_chars_count", 10, 4);
    function validate_chars_count($result, $value, $form, $field){

if (strlen($value) < 17) { // Minimum number of allowed characters $result["is_valid"] = false; $result["message"] = "Please enter a fuller derscription."; } if (strlen($value) > 50 ) { // Maximum number of allowed characters
    $result["is_valid"] = false;
    $result["message"] = "Please enter less than 50 characters.";
return $result;

Good morning, think will need to pinpoint each form and field individually, as have more than one list field in each form. The minimum characters applying to one of the columns, will be applicable to one of the list field questions, not all of them.
Hoping for some assistance where I can add code stating, for example, validation_1_128, column 2 minimum characters 10.

As above, our forms are for home insurance, so want to stop customers putting ring or watch in a column, when need a fuller description like Omega Seamaster watch.


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